Above , the presidential palace in Santiago, named ’La Moneda’, with its giant flag, created specially for the Bicentennial. Below that, the ’Esmeralda’, the naval training ship which travels around the world every year. Below ,President Sebastián Piñera greeting the crowds at the annual parade in Santiago on the 18th of September, our national Independence Day, and further down a picture of the fireworks show on the 18th in the bay of Valparaíso, next to Viña del Mar, where I live.

We have just finished celebrating our bicentennial, and the above link takes you to images of the sea and air parade which took place today. It was a wonderful experience and thousands of people turned out to watch the show! My country is the best there is. An awesome place to live and work! Come and visit us! We are friendly and welcoming, form the north to the south.

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