Silent Spring, a book by Rachel Carson which was published in 1962, contained warnings about the effects pesticides had on human lives and wildlife. People began to notice what was happening to their world because of chemical products and ecological ideas became more widespread. There was a lot of controversy worldwide due to this book, and the chemical industry reacted strongly.  A few years later, the media reported intensely on environmental problems and pollution in different areas. A dramatic oil spill in California opened the eyes of many to the problems this caused on wildlife along the coast, and caused the greatest impression on Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin. He had the idea of creating Earth Day, and contributed to an environmental protest, called an environment teach-in.This event took place on April 22nd, 1970, and it is believed that about 20 million Americans participated in their communities all over the USA. Forty years have passed and the Earth is in greater danger than ever before. It is important to crete a mass conscience of contribution to everyone's welfare, and there are many ways in which YOU can cooperate.


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