Carolina Gana Skinner and Rodrigo Echeverría Cortéz
Universidad de los Andes
April 14th, 2010
English Speaking Union Public Speaking Event 2010
Main hall - Registration of Schools



Carolina and Rodrigo awaiting their turn to speak in the auditorium of the Facultad de Humanidades, Universidad de los Andes.

Carolina: ’Don’t worry, but be careful’
Rodrigo : ’One Step at a Time’


Rodrigo and Carolina relaxing after lunch in the snack area.


  Yesterday, April 14th, Carolina Gana and Rodrigo Echeverría went to Santiago to take part in the annual ESU Public Speaking Event, acompanied by their English teacher, Christine Evans.  The event was extremely interesting and they enjoyed themselves immensely. It was wonderful to see what other people of their own age are capable of in an area as difficult as speaking in public with no notes or other aids. They did very well, and although did not win a prize, felt the satisfaction of having given a very good speech. Carolina’s was, ’Don’t worry, but be careful’, and Rodrigo’s had as a title, ’One Step at a Time’. The general topic was ’Reflections on the Future’. St Paul’s is very proud of their participation!

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