This is a ’flotel’. In a news report on Yahoo I came across the word ’flotel’, which I had not heard of before but which makes sense! It is a floating hotel, actually a sort of barracks on a barge, destined to house the workers who are helping to lcean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This permits the workers to be near their working site, and saves their employers having to transport them long distances to and from their worksite.

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Estefanía Echeverría -

Miss Christine!! I've been wanting to email you because I need information regarding the Toefl and Ielts exam. I am interested in studying overseas again an in order to apply for universities and scholarhips I need to pass either one of them (they require a certain average though).
Please help me!! I need to send my application before the 18th and they ask for a document that certifies I have registered to do the exam.

Thank you very much!!!
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