How can you improve your English skills? The answer is very simple and also obvious: practise as much as you can, in all kinds of areas and with all sorts of written and oral texts.

An old joke:

A fellow with a ticket to a concert at Carnegie Hall was visiting New York City for the first time. He was unsure of his directions, but soon saw an elderly gentleman who was carrying a violin case.

"That elderly gentleman must be a musician," he said to himself. "Surely he must know the way to Carnegie Hall."

So the fellow approached the elderly gentleman and asked, "Sir, how can I get to Carnegie Hall?"

The elderly gentleman stopped, smiled, and answered, "Practise, practise, practise."

The moral is that there are no shortcuts, no quick and easy ways, to improve one’s skills in anything, from athletics to nuclear medicine. You just have to work at it -- all the time. Use it in areas that interest you, from martial arts to serious literature.

Look for websites that help you to have fun while you learn at the same time, in content and in language. You will achieve several goals at the same time. Learn interesting things, learn more about the language and also how to use it properly.

Go to my FCE help website and feel free to look around.

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